Pregnancy: So You Are Pregnant Right Now!

English Conversation Questions on Pregnancy: So You Are Pregnant Right Now!

  • So you are pregnant – how are you feeling? 🙂
  • Is it OK for you to talk about your pregnancy?
  • How long have you been pregnant?
  • Are you having a boy or a girl or is it a secret?
  • If you don’t know the gender of your child yet, do you want to know it before the delivery, or not?
  • Is this your first child?
  • Are you going for regular check-ups now?
  • Have you changed your diet due to being pregnant?
  • Have you stopped any annoying habits you had because of being pregnant?
  • Are you enjoying being pregnant or do you wish to have it done already?
  • How are the people around you treating you now that you are pregnant?
  • Are you going to give birth in a hospital or at home?
  • Are there any issues about your pregnancy you are afraid of a little?

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