Pregnancy: Trimesters

English Conversation Questions on Pregnancy: Trimesters

  • How did you find out you had become pregnant?
  • Did you take any pregnancy tests?
  • Which trimester was the hardest for you?
  • How were the first days of you pregnancy?
  • How was your first trimester in general?
  • Did you have any complications during the first trimester?
  • Did you life significantly change during the first three months of your pregnancy?
  • What were the reactions of your family and freind when you told them you were pregnant?
  • How did you feel during the second trimester?
  • Did you rapidly gain weight during the second trimester?
  • What were the typical check-ups for the second trimester for you?
  • How was your third trimester?
  • Did you have any complications during the third trimester?
  • How did you feel when you got the most weight in the last months of your pregnancy?
  • What was it like when your baby was kicking?
  • Did you have any electrical devices at home to check your baby?
  • What were the final check-ups at the doctor before the delivery?

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