Age prejudice

English Conversation Questions on Age prejudice

  • What is age prejudice and why is it a problem?
  • How does age prejudice affect people in the workplace?
  • Can you give an example of age prejudice in popular culture?
  • How does age prejudice differ from other forms of prejudice, such as racism or sexism?
  • Do you believe that age prejudice is more common in certain countries or regions?
  • What can be done to combat age prejudice in society?
  • What are the potential consequences of age prejudice for individuals and for society as a whole?
  • Do you think that people become more or less likely to hold age prejudices as they get older?
  • How does the media contribute to age prejudice and how can it help to reduce it?
  • What role can employers play in reducing age prejudice in the workplace?
  • What steps can individuals take to challenge their own age prejudices and those of others?

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