Social Media: Cyberstalking

English Conversation Questions on Social Media: Cyberstalking

  • What is cyberstalking, and how is it different from other forms of online harassment?
  • How common is cyberstalking, and who is most likely to be targeted?
  • What are some common tactics used by cyberstalkers?
  • What can victims of cyberstalking do to protect themselves?
  • What are some potential consequences for cyberstalkers, both legal and personal?
  • How can social media platforms help prevent cyberstalking?
  • Do privacy settings on social media offer any protection against cyberstalking?
  • What can friends and family members do to support someone who is being cyberstalked?
  • What role do anonymity and accountability play in cyberstalking?
  • How does cyberstalking intersect with other forms of online harassment, such as doxing and revenge porn?
  • What is the psychological impact of cyberstalking on victims?
  • What can be done to educate people about the dangers of cyberstalking and how to prevent it?
  • How does cyberstalking disproportionately affect certain groups, such as women and minorities?
  • What are some real-life examples of cyberstalking, and how were they resolved?
  • What is the future of cyberstalking, and how can we prevent it from becoming an even bigger problem?

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