Culture: Conservative or Liberal?

English Conversation Questions on Conservative or Liberal?

  • Can you think of the differece between conservatism and liberalism?
  • Do you think the culture or the society you live in is rather liberal or conservative? Or perhaps, is it rather centric?
  • Do you know any typical regions that are known for being conservative?
  • Do you know any regions to be mostly liberal?
  • Do you consider yourself a conservatist or a liberal? Why?
  • Do you think the people with a higher income should pay a higher tax, or totally not?
  • Are your political views rather righ-wing or left-wing? Or Are they rather centrist?
  • Do you think it is the state that should provide health care, or should it be private?
  • Do you think gay or lesbian couples should have the right to get married?
  • Do you think abortion should be totally legal, a woman’s choice, or should it not be?
  • Do you think the state should take care of its people or it should be the individuals who should take care of themselves?
  • When was the last time you were having a discussion about your views of conservatism or liberalism with someone else?
  • Do you usually try to persuade others of the view you have on the conservative or liberal topics?
  • Do you agree there is a lot of misunderstanding between the conservatives and the liberals?
  • Do you think there is space for a compromise, in regards to conservative and liberal ideas?

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