Culture: What is Considered Rude

English Conversation Questions on What is Considered Rude

  • In the country where you live, is there anything people normally do but you could say it is kind of rude?
  • When was the last time you saw somebody behaving rude?
  • When you go out, like to a restaurant, club or a bar, what behaviour would you consider rude there?
  • In the streets of the place you live, can you often see anything rude happening there?
  • Between a man and a woman, what behaviour would you consider rude or even unacceptable in your country?
  • Is there any customs in your county which would be taken as rude in another country?
  • When you were travelling, did you see any rude behaviour or customs there but it was a common thing there?
  • Nobody is perfect – do your remember any situation when you were maybe beahiving in a rude way and you regret it now?
  • Have you ever had to intervene when you saw rudeness in public? Tell me about it.
  • Do you think the Internet is rather a polite or a rude place?

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