Culture: Internet – Free or Not, or Blocked?

English Conversation Questions on Internet – Free or Not, or Blocked?

  • Do you often browse the Internet during the day?
  • Is it easy to browse the Internet in your country or is it difficult to get the connection?
  • Is connection to the internet for free or do you pay it monthly etc.?
  • Can you browse any web pages or use any applications or you know some websites are blocked by the government?
  • Which web pages do you think are blocked in your country?
  • Do you think the Internet should be free for everybody in the world and no websites should be blocked?
  • If some web pages are blocked in your country, do you know how to display them anyway?
  • Why do you think, in some countries, some Internet pages are blocked?
  • Is it helpful to be able to read articles from foreign media written in a foreign language?
  • Do you usually read articles in other than your native language?

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