Culture: Gestures

English Conversation Questions on Gestures

  • What are some typical gestures in your country?
  • Which gestures are impolite in your culture?
  • Do you know any gestures that are typical for different cultures?
  • What are different ways to greet somebody in different cultures?
  • Do you know any gestures that are okay in your country, but might be rude somewhere else?
  • Is body language different in other countries?
  • What about eye-contact, is it important in your culture? Is it considered offensive somewhere?
  • Do you think you should study cultural gestures before you travel somewhere?
  • As for gestures, what are the differences between the western culture and the eastern?
  • Have you ever offended anyone with a gesture before? Was it intentional or by accident?
  • Do facial expressions differ among cultures?
  • Is is common to greet people with a hug or a kiss in your culture?
  • Are there cultures that are more “touchy” than others? Can you say which ones are and which ones aren’t?

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